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Witnesses of a murder, Rye and Alice escape together and hide.

ABOUT A WEEK | United States | Cloudy Sky Films

Rye, a small-time, local drug dealer, overhears his cousin Vinny planning a big drug deal on the phone. From curiosity and boredom, he hides out at the meeting place to see what will happen. After easily stealing both the money and the drugs, Rye witnesses a gruesome murder. Five minutes later, Alice, an eleven-year-old runaway, encounters the distraught and irrational Rye, who then steals a car and begins driving around the city. With nothing better to do, Alice comes along for the ride. She saw the body and knows Rye since he’s been dating [sleeping with] her sister in exchange for drugs. Alice insists on being told what happened in the woods. Rye finally stops the car and, in a violent flashback, vividly narrates the murder he witnessed.

This short adaptation of a feature-length script written by Saba offers a glimpse of burnt-out Rye and independent, precocious Alice. These two flamboyant characters agree to stick with one another until the murder is solved. But Vinny might try to find Rye and who knows what he’ll do in his desperation to get his money back? If Rye returns the drugs and the money, how would he explain where he got them in the first place?

What will happen to these characters? It’s up to you to imagine...

Best Short Film
AWARD best actor
Best Feature Screenplay
Saba as Rye
Lorian Gish as Alice
Matt Hayek as Vinny
Jerome Vital as Andy
Saba as Rye
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