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        Cloudy Sky Films is committed to the creation of films rooted in undeniable passion and hard work. We challenge ourselves to find novel ideas and collaborative partners, drawing inspiration from artists around the world. We believe firmly in the community behind each film and the community to which we speak and connect.
        When you’re alone in the desert, the cloud is your only friend. We, at Cloudy Sky Films, wish to be a friend and champion to struggling filmmakers and artists of all experience levels and backgrounds, providing encouragement and support to keep the art of film alive.

“Alone in the desert, the cloud is your only friend.”


        Founded in 2010, Cloudy Sky Films is a premier New York City-based, independent film production company creating a wide range of work from television and web series to short- and feature-length narratives and documentaries. It began with a simple goal—to offer more opportunities for the abundant film talent in the city by providing a platform for remarkable screenwriters, actors, and directors. Cloudy Sky Films has garnered national recognition through festival awards for its short film, About A Week (2011).
        Saba, the director and founder, is an international artist in film, theater, and dance. He believes in making films that create a shared dream by transporting the audience to other places, both familiar and new. Those places could be the troubled home of a songwriter and a rock star or the cooking show of a grief-stricken television celebrity.
        Saba’s passion for film began at a young age. As a child, he was not allowed to read books or watch television and movies. Eventually, he found a friend who invited him to his home every Saturday, where he found a safe place to free his imagination and lose himself in the fantasy worlds of The Twilight Zone, The Love Boat, and Charlie’s Angels. Years later, he not only carried that love of discovering other worlds with him, he also carried gratitude for his friend’s generosity in opening his home. It was inevitable that Saba, who formed meaningful connections with artists throughout his career, would find a way for everyone to create together.

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